What classifies as a dental emergency?

What classifies as a dental emergency?

Sometimes, something can happen to your mouth or teeth that require emergency dental care. It’s important to know exactly what would require the help of a good emergency dentist in Brisbane so that you can avoid unnecessary trips to the dental clinic. Accidents certainly happen all the time, at any time, but there are some oral injuries and problems that require immediate attention, while others can wait until your regular dentist’s normal office hours. None of us plan for a dental emergency but identifying exactly what requires immediate care can help you save your tooth and preserve your oral health.

How to Tell If You Have a Dental Emergency

To help you decide if you can wait for your dentist’s office to open or if you need to rush to an emergency dentist, ask yourself whether or not you’re in severe pain. If the answer is yes, and if there is bleeding, it’s an emergency. Also, if you’ve broken or chipped a tooth or have a loose tooth, fast treatment could save that tooth. A serious infection or abscess in your mouth can also be life-threatening, and treatment should never be pu Generally, any dental problem that needs immediate care to alleviate pain, stop bleeding or save a tooth is a dental emergency.

How to Avoid an Emergency Trip to the Dentist

The best way to prevent an emergency is to look after your oral hygiene and visit the dentist routinely. Sometimes, an emergency problem won’t be as clear-cut as a broken or knocked out tooth or infection. If you find yourself dealing with an abscessed tooth and severe pain, for example, you need emergency care. Overall, emergencies usually involve infections or tooth damage. Matters such as sensitivity to hot or cold drinks are more signs of something minor that, with regular visits, can be stopped in their tracks before they become a dental emergency. If you are suffering pain, bleeding or an injury to your mouth, call the emergency dentist immediately.

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