Never Buy Pegs Again! The Best Plastic Free Wire Pegs

Never Buy Pegs Again! The Best Plastic Free Wire Pegs

Just imagine the freshness of clothes when they have been washed and are out in the sun to dry. They smell so amazing and look so fresh and clean. However, just because an old wooden peg perhaps was used, your clothes may have fallen to the ground, making them dirty again. Not a very favourable scenario right?

The problem with plastic pegs is that they are constantly breaking, falling apart and create a mess all over. They really are a hassle. Buying new ones all the time is not only money-consuming but also takes time and effort. We propose something that will help you get rid of this problem. Plastic-free wire peg and metal clothes pegs in Australia are the best options for you. They will keep your clothes secure from the wind and from falling and will make no mess at all.

One of the best things about these pegs is that they are environmentally friendly and plastic-free. This means they are zero waste. Made with a metal wire, they will last you a lifetime. With the environmental damage that the world is going through at the moment and all the waste being collected, they really help you be responsible for yourself and help the world in your own way. They are made of stainless steel, meaning you will have no issues with rust or anything else. They really are made for a lifetime of use.

One of the most asked questions about stainless steel pegs is whether they get hot in the sun or not. People presume that when they are put in the sun, they become too hot to touch, hence when removed, they need to be held with caution. The pegs have however gone through a whole research process where it was found that as the wire is so thin, it does not retain much heat, meaning they are not too hot to touch and can be removed with comfort. Also, the reflective surface of the peg and the flow of air also helps in keeping them cool.

Another frequently asked question is whether they leave indentations on the clothes. When you put on a plastic peg, it tends to leave a flat indentation and a larger mark on the clothes. These stainless steel pegs do leave a mark but in comparison, the mark is much smaller and is not as flat and deep as the plastic version. When we speak about the environment, many people question whether they are made from recycled steel as they do help the environment and many people switch on the basis of environmental changes. These are not made from recycled steel however the quality of steel is so good and high that these will last you a whole lifetime. So they automatically reduce waste in some way.

As residents of Australia, you must know that cockatoos in rural areas tend to come and remove pegs that are placed on the clothing line. Now, this can get irritating and annoying. Imagine putting your freshly laundered clothes and a bird comes and removes the peg. These pegs have been specially designed for the Australian residents and are cocky-free meaning that cockatoos will be unable to remove these from the clothing wire.

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