What is Eye Strain & How to Reduce It?

What is Eye Strain & How to Reduce It?

Eyestrain is an annoying condition that occurs when your eyes get super-tired from the excessive use of something, for instance, staring at digital screens, long-distance driving, and reading books. It reduces the ability to concentrate and makes you appear tiresome. 

       In the digital era, eye strain is getting more frequent as the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers has increased. Research says that 59% of the people who regularly utilize digital devices experience digital eye-strain. The symptoms of digital eye-strain are blurred vision, headache, and neck and shoulder pain, and eye discomfort.


Some of the most common causes of an eye-strain apart from the digital effects are:

  1. Having a headache or migraine
  2. Blurry eyes vision
  3. Dried eyes leading to redness or irritation.
  4. Strain in the shoulders, neck, or back.
  5. Staying in an inappropriately lit environment.


         As frequently as we get it, eye-strain can be recovered quickly, and here’s a guide for you to prevent yourself from getting such eye injuries.

  • Consult an Ophthalmologist:

     Generally, eye-strain is not a permanent disease and can be treated with non-invasive methods. In case of prolonged eye strain, consult with your ophthalmologist right away.

  • Modify the lighting:

One of the common causes of eye strain is inadequate lighting while keeping the focus on your task e.g. reading, printing, or writing, try to position the source of light directly onto your task; this will prevent the direct contact of your eyes with the light.

  • Sports eye-wear:

Being a sportsman, the vision must be crystal clear to predict the concealed obstacles of the way. Whether you belong to snow sports, skiing, or motorcycling, prescription goggles can provide you with the best quality goggles ensuring you safety as well as clarity.

  • Take a nap:

When working for excessively long hours. Sometimes, we forget to give a break to our body as well as our eyes. Taking occasional breaks and resting your eyes is a great way to prevent eye strain. 

  • Make use of artificial tears:

During the winters, our eyes often get. In this instance, consult your doctor and get yourself the eye drops that suit you. Lubricating drops that don’t contain preservatives can be utilized as frequently as you need.

  • Blink often to refresh your eyes:

 While concentrating on a digital device, most of us blink less than usual which can contribute to dry eyes. Blinking fabricates tears that moisten our eyes.

  • Limiting screen time:

In the 21st century, the point is important for children, who may not understand the drawbacks of extended viewing. Parents are allowed to limit the usage of the screen to get their eyes an accurate amount of rest.

  • Selecting the right eye-wear:

 If you’re having blurry vision or a major migraine, the reason can be your weak eyesight, consider getting an eyesight glasses or contact for better vision. 

  • Regular Eye-checkup:

 While working constantly on a digital device, we often get headaches and the main reason is the change of eyesight which we generally don’t consider much.  Get a regular eye check-up once a month to prevent such consequences. 

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