Top 5 Industries Post Covid-19 in Australia

Top 5 Industries Post Covid-19 in Australia

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted industries far and wide. With businesses shutting down worldwide, a lot of employers laid off their employees completely while some were sent on prolonged unpaid leaves until the business operations resumed to normal. According to statistics, the Australian workforce experienced the biggest backlash since the Great Depression. However, there were several industries that experienced an increase in customer influx and a greater dependency on people thus leading to increased opportunities for people.

We have rounded up a list of the 5 most in-demand industries in Australia in the post Covid-19 pandemic era.

  • Healthcare:

The healthcare sector saw unprecedented growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. With an ever-increasing influx of patients, the demand for healthcare workers is greater than ever. From nurses to doctors and surgeons to pharmacists, the healthcare sector has seen the biggest amplification especially in Australia where more and more people are opting for nursing and basic health care provision courses in order to play their role in fighting the pandemic. The healthcare workers across Australia are also expected to see a rise in their wages owing to their tireless efforts and unparalleled services which the Australian government recognizes.  In addition to the healthcare providers, the pharmaceutical industry, in search of the covid-19 vaccine also experienced an increased dependency and opened up more job options for biochemical specialists and pharmacists.

  • Food & Grocery Manufacture, Retailing & Delivery:

Who is really not familiar with the hoarding and panic buying habits of Australians which really hit the roof tops when the world feared a global shut down of stores and businesses. Supermarket shelves were stripped of basic necessities be it food items or basic necessity items available at supermarkets. With such a massively increased demand of products, the food and grocery manufacture, retailing and delivery services experienced a hike like never before increasing the need of  human resource in the industry to meet the sky rocketing demand thus making this as one of the most top grossing industries due to pandemic.

  • Supply Chain – Warehousing & Logistics:

When the demand of retail products increased, so did the demand of storing, warehousing and transporting these goods which is why the supply chain industry experienced the unforeseen hike. Only across Australia, there has been an increased demand of people with warehousing experience be it storage organizers, forklift operators, inventory mangers or truck drivers. Supply chain workers emerged as one of the most in-demand categories of workers during the circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Information & Technology Services:

With more and more people relying on work-from-home, information technology found itself much more imperative to our regular lives than it would otherwise.  Cloud based communication services became crucial to remote working while an increase dependence on food and grocery delivery apps led to an augmented demand of tech specialists. In addition to the deliveries and communication, IT also became important to remote healthcare advisory and a larger number of remote medical consultancy apps were introduced thus creating a big space for cyber specialists in the global job market.

  • Mining:

One of the most underrated industries during the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia was the mining industry. This is particularly because of Australia’s prolonged trading relationship with China which required a greater import of mined resources and thus mining firms across Australia experienced a 15% rise in recruitment during the Covid-19 pandemic as compared to last year.

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