Road Safety Best Advert

Road Safety Best Advert

Road safety is an important topic across the globe, and not just in Australia. There have been billions spent on advertisement to ensure that commuters are aware of their rights, and laws that can keep them safe. However, still, there have been accidents that cause multiple deaths and injuries, leading to the impression that people are still not taking the matter seriously. Despite imposing fines, and using more cameras to monitor speeds, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure they act as responsible citizens and do not cross the red lines that result in harmful injuries and loss of valuable lives. Following advertisements can bring you up to speed on how virus government departments and public-private partnership is trying to reduce roadside accidents and keep commuting safely for everyone. 

Working Towards Zero Advertisement

It is important to know that the accident numbers we see aren’t just numbers but real people, who may have lost their lives or were critically injured due to a road accident. The Working Towards Zero campaign and advertisement aim to make NSW roads safer for everyone to drive and commute on. Their website and video stories provide guidance on why you should drive slow and adhere to rules and regulations while driving. This helps protect families, and increasingly the old aged citizens who rely on family members for care. The need for wearing seat belts, and use TAC accident claim where required is important and needs a comprehensive look. The next time you drive fast, think about the various families waiting for your return.

Ride To Live Advertisement

Over 34 per cent of all fatal crashes occur in major cities of Australia every year, with over three people being killed due to road accidents. Many of these deaths are attributed to unsafe bike riding, where fast bikes can go out of control and injure the riders, and pedestrians. There is also a ride to drive video for drivers, who have not been giving much attention to their speeding, and multiple deaths that may be the result of their behaviour. Again the importance is given on how to read signs and ensure that speeding doesn’t cause an accident. There are also videos for commuters and recreationists who walk casually across the roads. It’s a collective effort if road accidents need reducing.

We Watching You Advertisement

Because road safety accidents have an economic cost too, the Australian Department of Infrastructure keeps monitoring and publishes guidance for all riders, irrespective of their mode of commute. There are laws for buses, motorbikes, bicycles and cars. Everyone needs to know that there over speeding, changing lanes without indicators, driving without seatbelts, or cross red lights can be of great harm to society. Apart from fines and filling of TAC, it Is important to assess the ways injuries cause traumas to those affected. With over 190,000 road based accident deaths over the past two decades, it is important to follow the national strategy to reduce accidents and ensure that every safely returns home.

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