2019 Best Science Technology Inventions that will change the world, as we know it

2019 Best Science Technology Inventions that will change the world, as we know it

Within the last five years, we have witnessed many changes in the digital technology world relating to multi-touch tablets, cloud computing, and smartphones. The many innovations revolutionized how we work and live. However, you should note that we are likely to witness more trends in the year 2019. Technology is getting better each day and in the near future, we are likely to start living like the individuals you see in the science fiction movies. Here are some of the inventions that are likely to revolutionize the world in the year 2019.

–          3D printing

Imagine a world where all professionals would be able to make creative physical products while still in their offices. That might be the future of creativity and personal productivity. 3D printing is among the newest trends and some designers are already benefiting from the technology. The users can be able to build personal products based on custom designs and without the help of the giant producers. In 2019, the number of more affordable 3D printers is likely to increase.

–          The Google Glasses

Augmented Reality is already part of our daily life and comes in the form of education apps and simulated experiments. However, Google has taken a few more steps to develop the Google Glass. Users of Google Glass can be able to view their social media feeds, Google Maps, text, take photos and navigate with GPS. Google will also provide you with more updates when you are on the ground. A few years ago, that was a vision but Google has already demoed the glass with creative and skydivers. The device is solely available to developers and going for $1500. Other companies are working to come with affordable versions.

–          Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations have brought scientific breakthroughs, thanks to the large amounts of data, which the new technologies are collecting and making available for use. In 2019, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use in the creation of business platforms and in enabling the operation of smart businesses will increase. The advancement of algorithm training and Machine Learning technology is likely to result in advanced AI.

–          Global internet of things

Hackers are always working and as long as your device remains connected to the internet, it will be more vulnerable to attacks. In the last few years, hackers have been targeting the unsecured internet of things devices and they are still doing that. The news tells us that a lot has happened. The many security breaches that happened in the year 2018 served as an alert of what to expect in 2019. The internet of things manufacturers are working to improve the security of every product they introduce to the market.

–          Quantum Computing

Several organizations, researchers and governments have been working to develop Quantum Computing, which is among the most fascinating things we have witnessed recently.  However, the journey towards the development of a full-functional and working quantum computer is still on. The first quantum computer is likely to offer more benefits than the others do due to the high computational power. The consequence to get supercomputer supremacy is likely to intensify in 2019.

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