5 Ways to Recycle Your Tech Gadgets

5 Ways to Recycle Your Tech Gadgets

Technology has a very short lifespan. Even though the best science technology is used, it still is purposefully created in a manner that it will need replacement within a few years. However, when people begin to replace their gadgets, where should the old ones go? As they have plastic and other substances within their body, they can be harmful to the environment. This is why these gadgets must be recycled and reused in some way or form. Now, when people think of recycling such gadgets, nothing comes to mind. This is why we have created a list of ways you can resell or recycle these gadgets and help the environment.

  1. Retail stores

Retail stores that carry home and office supplies usually tend to have recycling programs. These programs usually offer trade or cashback offers where you can trade-in your gadget and add money for a new one or you can sell your phone to them for money. Gadgets such as printers, phones, tablets, GPS, shredders and more can be exchanged or sold. It is said that the better the condition of your gadgets, the more money you receive in return. This is why you should make sure you keep your gadgets in good form. For example, if you go in to trade a printer and still have the ink cartridges, then you may get extra money. If you are looking for canon TS5060 ink, then look no further.

2. Electronics Drive

Another great option to relieve you of the gadgets in an environmentally safe way would be to organize an electronics drive. This would mean that you collect all the electronics you want to sell, and sell them in the form of a garage sale. It is an excellent way of earning money and reselling your gadgets.

3. Trade it

Most companies like Apple, for example, give customers the option of trading in their current gadget for a new one at a much lower price. This is an excellent way to recycle your gadget. Not only do you get a brand new gadget, but the company will recycle that gadget into a new one.

4. Letgo or Gone

A few applications have also been created by people for this purpose. Letgo or Gone are some of the few. These applications will not only help you meet buyers but also generate shipping costs and labels so you do not need to find someone in your vicinity rather you can spend it wherever you want.

5. Sell it on different websites

Many websites have been created for the purpose too. People tend to use craigslist or eBay to sell their old gadgets just so they can buy new ones. People don’t only sell the gadgets there, but also their parts, so if you were looking to fix our old gadgets, this would be the place to look.

It is always a better option to recycle or resell than to just discard the gadgets that cost us so much money. Use these tips for your benefit and the benefit of the environment.

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