10 Foods That Can Get Stuck Around Your Wisdom Teeth

10 Foods That Can Get Stuck Around Your Wisdom Teeth

Many food items can be the bane of your oral health. Similarly, there are many healthy food choices, as well. However, regardless of whether it’s healthy or unhealthy, some food items get stuck around your wisdom teeth. Here’s a quick list of such foods:

1. Chocolate

Let’s start with the master of causing teeth-related problems, chocolate. If you consume chocolate in any form, it will stick around your teeth. Yes, it will melt away eventually or dissolve in your saliva, but not before causing the damage.

2. Popcorns

How many times have you felt like a part of the corn has stuck on your wisdom teeth? Even though popcorns melt in your mouth, their original corn part doesn’t. If you bit onto them too much, they can get stuck on your wisdom teeth. As a result, you will run into annoyance.

These are slippery and not easy to get rid of through tongue movements. You will have to use external sources like toothpicks for them.

3. Seeds

You should chew your food as correctly as you can. While that’s a great dental health tip, it would be annoying for a tiny seed to get stuck in your teeth. These seeds can get stuck on the wisdom teeth or even in the gums like popcorns. As a result, they hold the potential to damage the teeth’s health more than you’d expect.

Of course, eating seeds has become a healthy practice. However, you can use a grinder to turn them into powder before consuming them.

4. Simple Carbs Like Potato Chips

Potato chips get stuck all around the teeth the most. This is a highly unhealthy food which comes with plenty of health problems. The same applies to other simple-carb food items. Sugar doesn’t feel like it is stuck on your teeth but certainly creates a layer. The same applies to wafers, cookies, and biscuits. If you consume these items, you will feel annoyed with how often they get stuck in the wisdom teeth.

5. Dry Fruits & Nuts

Like the seeds, dry fruits and nuts can also get stuck on the wisdom teeth. More specifically, raisins and cranberries have been the culprit. But the same applies to cashews, as well. They can get stuck around the teeth.

Breaking a walnut by using your teeth can injure your teeth and lead to dental emergencies, as well.

6. Leafy Greens

There’s no doubt that foods like celery, carrots, kale, and spinach are great for your physical and dental health. However, while proven to be a natural floss, their fibrous content can get stuck around the teeth. These fibers can be so fine that they get stuck even around the wisdom teeth. It isn’t unheard of and can be pretty annoying.

7. Fibrous Foods

The leafy greens are on the list due to their high fiber content. So, almost any food item, like apples, pears, or leafy greens, will stick to your teeth if it is high in fiber. Whole grains aren’t exempt from this rule. Oats have stuck around the teeth more times than one can remember. 

8. Fruit Candies

Fruit candies often have a softer surface as they melt away. The same applies to the fruit jellies you find in the market. These can get stuck around your teeth. The eclair candies or chocolate candies have a similar impact.

As if that wasn’t enough, these are all high in sugar, and the sugar content will create a layer around your teeth. This includes the wisdom teeth. Ergo, these are not good for your teeth.

9. Pizza

Cheese is known for layering around teeth and causing an acidic sensation. While calcium and cheese are good for health, eating pizza in itself can lead to issues. It combines various harmful contents, including the simple carbs that you should avoid.

10. Meat

While it’s rare, you can get meat stuck in your teeth, as well. This especially happens if you have a gap in your wisdom teeth. The finely ground meat can find its place between the opening and prove to be highly annoying. You won’t be able to help it out, either.


This list doesn’t ask you to avoid consuming these food items. You just need to be careful and use the proper methods to remove or clean them from your teeth. This being said, if you find any cavity or problem in your wisdom teeth, you might seek wisdom teeth removal from the experts at Toorak Dental Studio, tooth extraction is as easy as smiling. So, give them a call today.

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