Why Surgeons Listen To Music In The Operating Room

Why Surgeons Listen To Music In The Operating Room

It might seem bogus to you, but it’s true that most surgeons prefer playing music while performing a surgery. Thinking of mixing science with art is nearly impossible. However, you also can’t deny the fact that while science is a systematic process, art is something that makes the process easier. If you believe in this concept, then it’s possible that the implication of listening to music while performing a surgery won’t sound much bogus after all.

Even so, many surgeons have admitted to listening to music that calms their minds before performing a surgery.

Several doctors support the use of music as it is quoted, We have been likened to operating room DJs,” Dr Singh says. By saying this, he literally confirmed that the doctors are trying to find a balance between music and surgery for better results. If this piece of information has intrigued you, then wait till you complete reading this blog.

Music & Surgery- History

It has been found repeatedly that whatever is discovered at present has been discovered once in the past. Also, it is a proven fact that human behaviour is adaptive in nature. However, some instincts are natural in humans, such as survival instincts. Similarly, some patterns that have been used before by humans can be used again by them.

When you do deep research about music and medical procedures, you will find that this combination has been used ever since ancient times. The Greek god Apollo was referred to as the God of music and healing.

This could mean that he might be an ordinary healer who used music to perform effective medical procedures without any anxiety. And since healing has the potential of saving people, he might have been entitled as a god. After all, it has been found that the rhythm used in music tends to make people who are listening to the same music act in synchronisation.

Since surgery can only be mastered with an unbeatable sync within the operating team, music could play a vital role in it. Think of it as eating certain food items and avoiding some to be calm and collected. For instance, some people believe that eating too much onion can make an individual hot-tempered. 

Argument Against Listening To Music In The Operating Room

Just like the supporters think that using music as a tool to reduce anxiety while performing serious surgery can be helpful. Some people believe that it is a really useless thing to do. At the same time, some strict doctors that believe in old conventions think that music will be a distraction. After all, surgery is a discipline that is achieved by years of practice and focus. It is a case that is quite similar to physiotherapy. Doctors don’t really believe in physiotherapy, but it works. Likewise, many people might not stand in favour f listening to music while performing surgery, but to say that it is completely ineffective would be wrong.

Bottom Line

The only thing that we know is from patients’ perspective; they hardly care about music or no music. All they care about is a successful operation. And if music is a means to that end, then so be it. Moreover, those for whom it has miraculously worked can continue listening to music while operating in the operating room. 

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