Ways to Keep Your Lawn Green and Save Water

Ways to Keep Your Lawn Green and Save Water

People are ready to spend literally a whole fortune on decorating the interior of their house but when it comes to the lawn, they don’t pay much heed to it which is a big mistake.

You need to understand that your lawn deserves equal attention just like your house does so don’t just overlook the importance of maintaining your lawn and keeping it all green and fresh because technically when someone visits your house, the first thing they pass by is your lawn, right? Well, if yes and if you really want to put a positive impression of your house on the people who come and visit you then start taking measures to keep your lawn green. From watering the plants to understanding soil biology herbicide and how it works, you should know it all.

Speaking of a green lawn, there are people out there who think that giving a massive amount of water to the plants and the soil is what they need to do to keep the grass and the plants all fresh and green. Well, guess what? This is a completely wrong concept and you should focus more on saving water then to wasting it on your lawn because that’s doing no good.

Here are some of the best ways you can opt for if you want to save water yet keep your lawn green;

1-Do not overwater

Overwatering your lawn can encourage the growth of fungus and it can literally destroy the soil and all the plants. What you need to do is to decide on a time when you have to turn on the water sprinkler, just let the water reach out to all the plants and the soil in an adequate amount and then turn the sprinkler off right away. Especially the seeds of the plants need proper time to germinate and sprout and over-watering can just disturb all of this process.

2-Choose a good variety of grass

Greenery is not only with the plants, in fact, the major part of the “greenery” in your lawn is the grass. So, make sure to choose the grass wisely and confirm it that its matching your yard.There’s grass that grows in a cooler temperature and then there’s a type that grows best in a warmer temperature.

3-Always test the soil first

Buy a soil test kit and then test your soil. Check the deficiency that you know the soil has because sometimes the reason why your lawn isn’t green is because of the different deficiencies. So, just test the soil first and then take the measures you need to, to fulfill those deficiencies.

These are some of the best ways to keep your lawn all healthy and green.  Use the tips and make sure to avoid watering again especially if you don’t want your lawn to look like a muddy mess.

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